Uncertain Cat Mike Sherer


Published: July 21st 2012

Kindle Edition

115 pages


Uncertain Cat  by  Mike Sherer

Uncertain Cat by Mike Sherer
July 21st 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 115 pages | ISBN: | 5.51 Mb

This is a personification of the mysterious and little understood quantum world. The denizens, and the theories governing them, are presented as real people. Some of the physicists who have explored this world are also introduced. Through Lena’s encounters, the eerie properties of the micro world (and how they apply to our everyday macro world) is explored.Such as collision events between subatomic particles which results in mutual annihilation.

Black body absorption of light. Tunneling, in which particles can move through solid objects. Time travel, which occurs on a regular basis in the subatomic world. The Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics, which attempts to ignore the mysteries of the micro world, and many other interpretations (such as decorence , Feynman’s sum over histories, Ithaca, many worlds).

Muons from the upper atmosphere. Schrodinger’s cat and his hellish contraption. A con artist who demonstrates the probabilistic properties of the quantum world, and the actual physical effect human consciousness can have on subatomic particles. Bose-Einstein Condensates. Werner Heisinberg’s Uncertainty Principle.

Prince De Broglie’s particle-wave equation. Superposition. Entanglement. The Higgs Boson, also known as the God Particle. Superstring theory, M-Theory, and the Planck world. IGUS (Information Gathering and Utilizing Systems) & GUT (Grand Unified Theory) & ToE (Theory of Everything).

The Weak and Strong Anthropic Principles. The Pauli Exclusion Principal. And, finally, geons. Then it’s off to another brane in our multiverse, which looks a lot like the Land of Oz and in which an offbeat version of Marvel’s Avengers lives, then on to other Multiverses: the Quilted Multiverse, the Inflationary Multiverse, the Brane Multiverse, the Cyclic Multiverse, the Landscape Multivrse, the Quantum Multiverse, the Holographic Multiverse, the Simulated Multiverse, and the Ultimate Multiverse.This fantastic odyssey through the quantum micro world is original, fast-paced, colorful and factual (mostly).

The particles and the laws governing them are presented in an honest attempt to describe the weirdness of our world, a weirdness few people grasp. But which more and more people are becoming intrigued with.

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