Forest of Silence Emily Rodda

ISBN: 9780606260466

Published: March 2nd 2001



Forest of Silence  by  Emily Rodda

Forest of Silence by Emily Rodda
March 2nd 2001 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: 9780606260466 | 9.68 Mb

This was one of my favorite book series as a teen and was the book that really got me into reading fantasy. Its technically considered a childrens fiction book, but if you are interested in YA books dont let that scare you off as its an excellent piece of fantasy writing. I recently read this book for the third of fourth time after a very long hiatus of reading hundreds of other YA and Adult fiction and Im pleased to say that it holds up very well.The series starts with a king and his best friend living a sheltered life. An evil (possibly demonic?) king appropriately named the Shadow Lord rules over the neighboring Shadowlands (see what they did there?) and has been trying to take over the land of Deltora for generations.

The only protection that can keep away this evil king is a belt forged with 7 magical gems but when nefarious deeds cause the belt lose its power it is destroyed and the gems are spread across the land each protected by an evil monstrous guardian. The Shadow Lord invades the country and a generation passes before the son of the kings best friend can take up the quest to find these lost gems. Each book details the travels of this teen and his battle against one of the guardians for a new gem.The first book is very interesting, but somewhat light on action as much of the story is being set-up.

The books themselves are short, easy reads though and the amount of set-up is similar to what a much larger book would typically entail. If you have any interest in high fantasy writing full of magic, monsters and battles please give this a shot. Its available at many bookstores and libraries as a package where the first 4 volumes (out of 8) are collected together.

The series has done so well that it has evolved from a standalone 8 book series to something much larger.Deltora Quest (8 books)Deltora Shadowlands (3 books)Dragons of Deltora (4 books)There is also an anime based on the original series, a Japanese video game and a couple side books that flesh out the lore a bit (Book of Monsters, Art books, ect).Its an extremely popular series in Australia thats never quite taken off in America so if you can give it a chance.

You will not regret it.

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